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Full Mouth Reconstruction – Comments From Our Northern Virginia Community

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There are members of our community that work in dental offices, and we very often field questions and inquiries about dental reconstruction. These questions can be about cost, and about the procedure itself. Since it is a popular topic, we decided to write an article on it, and in addition we wanted to shine a spotlight on a member of our community doing exceptional work in this discipline with regards to writing about it. We’ve gained much knowledge reading their posts at

There are many people who feel that they have a poor smile. There are others that suffer from even more severe oral problems, such as having many missing teeth or a damaged palate. Often people do not know what to do about this condition. Consider the following article for ideas as to next steps..

Full mouth reconstruction can give a fresh smile to you exactly in the way you want it. Patients having numerous missing teeth, broken, or corroded teeth might experience dental and oral issues in both bite, as well as how their smile looks. Having teeth that are out of alignment may lead to chewing problems due to an improper bite. With this situation, oral functions such as chewing can become a problem. Teeth become worn down and this leads to strain and pain in the muscles of the jaw. You may need an entire re-construction of your mouth if you have such issues.

An Overview

A full mouth reconstruction is a multiphase, step-by-step procedure which entails the aesthetic dentistry practices and the science of neuromuscular dentistry.
With the aid of full mouth reconstruction, patients regain a beautiful smile and more youthful look by rebuilding or restoring their teeth.
In addition to replacing or fixing the teeth that are damaged or missing, this restorative dentistry process involves rehabilitating the gum tissue, and fixing unusual bite and supporting bone structure as well.
This process is typically performed by a group of dental specialists such as periodontists who are experts in the diagnosis and therapy of gum disease; oral doctors; orthodontists who focus on tooth movement and position; and endodontists who cope with the diseases of enamel’s pulp.

What is involved with this Procedure?
In full mouth re-construction or restoration, the professional reviews the state of your gum tissues, bones and chin muscles.
As an example, the state of your oral health will eventually determine what restorative processes are required: inlays, porcelain veneers versus full-coverage crowns, dental implants, or more extensive reconstruction.
The team also looks into and handles the effects of any periodontal disease that may be present.

Full mouth reconstruction can comprise some or all of the subsequent procedures, depending on the situation
Basic teeth cleaning
Periodontal therapy
• New crowns or fillings
• Replacement of crowns or aged fillings.
Surgery to re position the jaw
• Oral surgery
Gingiva operation procedures that involve:
• Shaping of the gum tissue
• Jaw bone tissue or soft tissue grafting
• Placement of permanent corrections- for example, crowns, veneers, porcelain inlays, etc
• Orthodontic (dental braces) processes
• Neuromuscular dentistry
• Orthotic therapy to gain proper occlusion
Implants to aid with:
• Bonding
• Incomplete or complete dentures
• Contouring /reshaping of tooth/teeth
• Sleep apnea treatment
Oral surgery processes that involve:
• Replacing crowns or fillings

It is rather crucial to speak with your dentist and his dental team to discover what combination of procedures is required to your particular case. Whichever your situation, full mouth reconstruction may offer you a beautiful smile and better oral health overall.