Monthly Archives: September 2016

The Foundation of Our Community

We are proud of the work the members of our community accomplish every day.

All around the state, from urban localities to rural areas, all members of the Illinois AFL-CIO can be proud of the work we do, each day of the week.

The strong work ethic we exemplify can be seen in the bridges and schools we construct, the roads we pave, and the vital services we provide, making people’s lives better. Our community sets its eyes and goals on a broader stage, as well: the AFL-CIO works to create new and better trade initiatives, with rules which would promote decent work and raise living standards for workers everywhere around the world. When such standards are raised, families can sustain themselves and better their broader communities.

Realizing that strong labor unions can only be built from the bottom-up, our group endeavors to foster this foundation, and keep the ties that bind this community alive. This site is our way to help with such community building.